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Currie Technologies e-Zip E750 Electric Scooter

Currie Technologies e-Zip E750 Electric Scooter

The Currie Technologies e-Zip E750 Electric Scooter is a perfect mix of affordability, style, durability, and versatility. Targeted for riders aged 13 and up, the e-Zip E750 scooter comes with a bigger, sturdier hi-tensile steel frame for transporting a maximum weight of 260 pounds.

With a powerful 750-watt DC earth magnet motor under the hood. The e-Zip e750 scooter can achieve speeds of up to 15 miles per hour. Top speed, however, varies with one’s weight and the angle or terrain one runs over.

The motor, in turn, is powered by a 12 amp 24 volt rechargeable battery pack. One full charge, which takes an average of eight hours to complete, provides enough juice to let you go a 12-mile or 19-kilometer distance. With such great mileage, the e-Zip e750 is ideal for those who want a fast, eco-friendly way of travelling to and from school or work.

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This is a versatile electric scooter. Currie Technologies e-Zip E750 Electric Scooter will be accompanied by a plastic chair. This plastic chair when sitting very comfortable. If you want to move by standing up then you take it apart.

The standing deck is large enough to accommodate mid-sized adults. Varying your speed to terrain is easily achieved via the acceleration grip. Front disc brake makes stopping a breeze, while suspension forks ensure smooth turns. 12.5-inch low profile tires provide great traction over most terrains. The extra wide tires also help absorb shocks from bumps, ensuring you a smooth ride all over.

This product is like most electric scooters. Currie Technologies e-Zip E750 Electric Scooter has bars that can help streamline storing for easier storage and easier transportation.

For those looking for an economical, environmentally friendly means of moving places, the Currie Technologies e-Zip E750 Electric Scooter may fit the bill. This solidly-built, low-priced scooter gives you the power to go from Point A to Point B without having to guzzle litres of gas at all. The power from the battery will provide power to it. This means it is good for the environment and also for your wallet.

The Currie Technologies e-Zip E750 Electric Scooter is built for top speed and mileage. Thanks to its excellent performance, the e750 has earned both young and adult fans. The electric scooter allows users to move through grassy, hilly or gravelly terrains very smoothly. The engine is quiet, and the tires are quite sturdy.

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User reviews also show that assembly of the eZip requires minimal effort.

The inclusion of assembly tools in the shipping package certainly helps. Many users also like the fact that you can use the scooter comfortably whether you’re standing up or sitting down.

During the use of electric scooters, maintenance for them is also very important. So this will have many components that you need to pay attention to often. It is important that before you drive an electric scooter on the road, you must read and understand the details contained in the manual on electric scooters. For an electric scooter, include the elements that you need to check regularly. For example, straps, nuts, brakes, bolts, tires, batteries and motors … We recommend that you regularly check these parts before driving electric scooters. Because this will affect the process of using your electric scooter to get long or not. It also ensures the safety of the users of this transport. Your electric scooter must be in the best condition before you ride it to go anywhere.

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